Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Topest AVAYA Business Partner in Singapore

Avaya is one of the world's top companies in the field of networking and communication solutions. The company is a leading global provider of business collaboration solutions, such as real time video collaboration tools, unified communications solutions, and contact center applications. Avaya provides services to many different sized companies around the world. Avaya helps its customers to bring people together in the right context, with the right information, and at the right time. The services provided by the company enable companies to solve their business challenges and improve their efficiency. Avaya solutions are based on open standards and the company’s customers can easily decide what would work best for them. Avaya has as its main objective to provide people with the best collaboration experience, no matter the media they choose, their location or the devices used.

Technology should enable better collaboration and Avaya is responding to this common need of modern enterprises that are more geographically dispersed than ever before. The modern 24x7 workforce needs tools to solve business challenges in a quick and efficient way. Effective collaboration solutions can help this modern work environment.

By using Avaya's communication platforms based on open standards customers can easier accommodate with multi vendor environments. They can better use their existing investments, and deploy applications faster and more efficient. The existing software solutions can be easily supplemented and upgraded with specific collaboration products provided by Avaya Business Partner. The company’s communication solutions allow enterprises to develop IT strategies for short and long term and implement them as needed, in their own pace. No matter the size of a company, Avaya can help harmonize all the forms of communication in the enterprise and make them to work together in order to accelerate growth and improve collaboration. Avaya’s customers can take advantage of the open standards platforms provided and become more profitable and more customer friendly.

Avaya works with many Connect Partners in order to offer a way to access Avaya solutions through a local provider. The company also collaborates with service providers and system integrator partners to create innovative business solutions. Avaya's technology partners offer solutions and technical skills to custom development.

Radiance is a leading Avaya partner and its first Platinum Avaya Business Partner in the region. Radiance has accumulated over ten years of experience in deploying Avaya solutions for its customers. Radiance is also member if DevConnect programme and one of the elite Avaya technology developers. Extensive knowledge of IP solutions and vast technical expertise qualify Radiance for developing compatible Avaya applications. The reliable company is trustworthy of implementing and managing the most complex communication projects.

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